Gender and Communication

In this interactive seminar, Dr. Abigail Pfiester will separate fact from fiction about gender differences. A review of the research will be presented, and audience members will participate with their responses. A focus on how males and females differ in the communication abilities will be emphasized, and lessons learned about we can improve our communication with the opposite sex will be detailed.


Abigail Pfiester, Assistant Professor of Communication, Concordia University Texas

Abigail Pfiester

Abigail Pfiester earned her Bachelor’s degree from Baylor University (University Scholars major), her Master’s degree from Cornell University (Communication Studies major), and her doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin with a dual concentration in Communication and Social Psychology. Her love for teaching at the collegiate level was first realized when she served as a Public Speaking and Debate Coach at Cornell University. From there, Abigail moved to Hawaii and taught both at Chaminade University and in the University of Hawaii system. She returned to Texas, her home state, to complete her degree at UT. Abigail now teaches Communication and Psychology courses at Concordia University in Austin, where she also serves as the Department Chair. She continues to research, publish, and lecture on Gender and Communication issues around the world. Most recently Abigail was invited to be the Guest Scholar at Rancho La Puerta Resort and Spa in Tecate, Mexico. In addition to enjoying teaching and research, Abigail loves spending time with her three dogs (two Dachshunds, one Border Collie) and husband; the couple is expecting their first child in June.